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EPP (EPS) Shape Molding Machine series

 EPP (EPS) Shape Molding Machine series  

1.The combined use of pressurization type hopper system.

2.Because of giving constant steady force to the frame by arranging a main cylinder and four pressurization type cylinders, it’s perfect to maintain shape of product and make the greatest effect of pressurization by using independent check valve

3.In case of being require for replace old Tie-Rod and Bush in the machine, it’ll bring the cheaper cost of repair by manufacturing to repair without breaking up the machine.

4.The equipping oil Seal combined with bush makes both of cleanness and steady grease supply, so Bush and Tie-Rod can be extended life span(can have a long life) and it makes production without inferior goods cause of not polluted grease.

5.The machine has automatic controller(in the control panel) for returning of residual materials from inner hopper to charging silo when not in operation, so it prevent producing inferior goods with mixed materials.



Index Unit SHM-1013 EPP SHM-1315 EPP SHM-1120 EPP SHM-1419 EPP
Clamping force ton 75 85 95 110
Cylinder diameter mm Φ100 x 1EA, Φ100 x 4EA Φ120 x 1EA, Φ110 x 4EA Φ120 x 1EA, Φ110 x 4EA Φ125 x 1EA, Φ125 x 4EA
Cylinder stroke mm 1200 1200 1200 1200
Tie rod(dia.) mm Φ85 Φ85 Φ100 Φ100
Tie rod(number df rods) rod 4 4 4 4
Electrical capacity KVA 8.25 8.25 12 12
Oil hydraulic
pump motor
kw 7.5 9 12.75 12.75
Oil tank capacity L 350 400 400 400
Max. product
mm 950 x 1250 1000 x 1400 1000 x 1900 1300 x 1800
Max. product
mm 350 350 350 350
Hopper capacity L 500 500 500 500
Main Piipe diameter
inch 3 4 4 4
Main piipe diameter
(cooling water)
inch 2 2 2 2
Main piipe
inch 2 2 2 2
Main piipe diameter
inch 3 x 1 LINE 5 x 1 LINE 3 x 1 LINE 5 x 1 LINE 3 x 1 LINE 5 x 1 LINE 3 x 1 LINE 5 x 1 LINE
Machine dimention mm 5500L x 1950W x 4120H 5700L x 2250W x 4200H 5700L x 2070W x 4760H 5900L x 2350W x 4500H
Machine weight ton 7.5 8.5 10 11