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Fully Automatic Scrap Block Molding Machines

 Fully Automatic Scrap Block Molding Machines 

1.This is automatic machine for standard block and or block size in accordance with the user’s requirement. Therefore, this is combination automatic machine which can make the various sizes of styropor block products.

2.This machine has a double system for material feeding, which can feed material in short time and prevent the corner from being unfed or unmolded.

3.Vacuum hopper system for scrap material transfer & prevention of dust leakage.

4.Laser Cutting of Vent-holes in SUS-Plate inside chamber, this makes steam be supplied smoothly.

5.Metal type(Instead of hose) in steam line/drain line allows reduction of the maintenance and repair costs(Semi-permanent connection system).

6.In order to prevent the machine from being transformed by the impact in operating, this machine adopts the rail type instead of tie-rod.

7.One blower is used for material feeding & material transfer.

8.Automatic preheating system.

9.With using two hoppers 100% scrap can be used as raw material and alternatively the mixture of scrap and virgin material or 100% virgin material can be used too. The adjustable plate is used to compress the scrap. Hence the quality of product is excellent compared to being used virgin material.

10.Automatic selection & production sequence system per weight.

11.Provide pressure gauge & digital display on touch screen.