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High pressure Steam Sterilizer

 High pressure Steam Sterilizer 

1. Vacuum system is forcibly exhaust and drain the saturated steam after sterilizing for control of temperature dropping time.

2. Heat resistance and anti-corrosion is superior by painted zinc primer and paint. The rail is hot dip galvanized for corrosion prevention. Stainless flange secures the rust proof and strength, it also secures the machine life and high safety with stability crawling by high temperature and use environment of high tension.

3. Special vacuum cooling system prohibit the temperature goes up inside clean room and sterilizing unit and also protect the rest of steam coming to the chamber to able to have clean working environmental for the workers after sterilizing.

4. When it starts sterilizing, the vacuum system exhausts the contaminated air remaining inside the chamber and holding the vacuum pressure in this way the high pressure of steam reach to inside badge to sterilize the chamber with high temperature. Meanwhile, Vacuum system saves cycle time and increase the energy efficiency.

5. Structural Design corresponding to deformation against heat and force and structural transformation by internal efficiency.

6. The steam high pressure that fill it up the chamber minimizing the poor sterilizing in the badge and maximizing the productivity and profit by disperse steam to the all places inside a chamber.
Model SHS-496VS SHS-495VS SHS-396VS SHS-385VS
Dimension(H x W x L) 2800 x 3380 x 9890 2800 x 3380 x 8390 2585 x 2880 x 9890 2585x 2880 x 8390
Chamber Dim(H x W x L) 2000 x 2000 x 9300 2000 x 2000 x 7800 1810 x 1530 x 9300 1810 x 1530 x 7800
Chamber Volume(㎡) 38㎡ 31.2㎡ 27.7㎡ 21.6㎡
Weight (ton) 21 ton 20 ton 17 ton 16 ton
Production Capacity 10368 bottle(Φ82) 8640 bottle (Φ82) 6912 bottle (Φ82) 5760 bottle (Φ82)
Max Steam Temp.(℃) 120 ℃ 120 ℃ 120 ℃ 120 ℃
Max Steam Press. (kgf/㎠) 1.4kgf/㎠ 1.4kgf/㎠ 1.4kgf/㎠ 1.4kgf/㎠
Steam Consumption Rate 1 ton/Hr 0.82 ton/Hr 0.68 ton/Hr 0.57 ton/Hr
Air C.R & Pressure( kgf/㎠) 200 1/Hr, 8kgf/㎠ 200 1/Hr, 8kgf/㎠ 200 1/Hr, 8kgf/㎠ 200 1/Hr, 8kgf/㎠
Total Electricity 7.5 KWh 7.5 KWh 7.5 KWh 7.5 KWh
1.Touch Screen Installation -Touch screen panel allows you operate easily and friendly as well as see each process of machine and help you make a decision following sterilizing steps. 2.Program sequence

-Also this panel will allow you see the condition to each process and since it has self-error checking, warning, position indicating and troubleshooting system so that you could solve the problem by showing it on the screen.

3.Floor loading clutch door

-It does not need any power and skill to open and close the door and the variety of safety systems prohibit useless action. The structural design is making it possible to distribute the pressure onto the door frame.

4.Giant rail structure

-Adopted giant rail structure makes it possible to on board into the chamber the fixed quantities quickly.

5.Door special packing

-By using special packing against high temperature, it is able to stop the leakage of steam 100% so as to get a high safety and avoid aging the machine.